Paper Buffet

$ 0.00


Need a special card for an upcoming event? This is the perfect opportunity to pick and choose the cards you want or need. 

No need to bring tools or equipment, everything is provided.

No reservation is required. This is a drop in event, come when it fits your schedule on the days that the buffet is offered. 

How does the Paper Buffet work? When you attend you pay a $10 studio fee and then $3.00 for each card kit that you choose to make. You make as many or a few as you want. 

The buffet has 18 cards to choose from, but there are limited amounts of kits for each card. So when a card no longer has any kits available then it is no longer available for this buffet. *Note that 9 of the cards offered this month will be brought back at the next buffet along with 9 new card styles.